Awkward when you first start dating

By Amanda Chatel on. The last time I was on a bike after a year hiatus it ended with me in a ditch. You realize your social skills need some work. So, yes, you will probably flounder and fail the first few times out there.

What are you supposed to ask? When the pauses arise, you get weird about it. You either bring attention to them or let them linger and linger and linger and So, how about those Patriots? Knowing full well that football season is still months away. You end up having diarrhea of the mouth and getting a little too TMI.

On the flip side of the awkward pauses is too much talking. Like a nervous babbling so you can avoid any pauses. Do I want to lock myself into an entire dinner date or will drinks suffice? Trying to find the answer to this will result in taking a poll of every person you know, including the cashier at your corner bodega and that recluse on the first floor of your building.

You wonder what the protocol for picking up the check is. If he reaches for it, do you offer to pay? I mean, the gender pay gap is still a real thing. Maybe you can both just leave it there and see what happens next? Chew and screw, anyone? You have no idea how to end the night. Do you shake hands? Kiss on the cheek? Lean in for some deep-throat tongue action? But at what point does it become rude that you waited to thank them? So again you take a poll of everyone you know, including the taxi driver on the way home from the date and the dude who works at the taco stand on your block.

The answers you receive are varied.

Whether you're having an awkward moment or the whole relationship is filled with stress, fixing it means getting to the root of the problem. Before you jump ship, keep in mind that for many couples awkwardness is simply a stage. Sadly, he may have to hear this story two or three more times before he will believe it. Or maybe you are not the first, but he is in denial.

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