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Using his super-speed powers, he taps into the Speed Force and becomes a costumed crime-fighter. He is a founding member of the Justice League of America. The brother was pronounced stillborn by Dr. However, in actuality, he had been born healthy, but given to another family, the Thawnes, whose child had died during birth. When he was a child, his mother was killed and his father was convicted of the crime. The drive to prove his father was innocent gave Barry a strong belief in justice.

In high school, Barry had a reputation for being slow and easy-going. On his first date, he went to a carnival. His date had wanted to put a little motion in his life, and they went on the roller-coaster first thing. Barry loved chemistry from an early age, and that helped his skills as a farmer. He graduated in three years with a major in organic chemistry and a minor in criminology. While a senior, Barry helped the authorities apprehend a bank robber, and he was offered a job as a police scientist for the Central City Police Department Scientific Detection Bureau.

After moving to Central City and getting an apartment with a laboratory in the back, Barry began dating Picture News reporter Iris West , whom he met while examining an apparent murder that she was reporting. She was charmed by his honesty and stability. That night during an electrical storm, Barry returned to an experiment after a short break.

All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning streaked through a window, shattered a chemical cabinet and covered Barry in the electrified chemicals. Dazed, he decided to return home in a taxi.

However, the taxi started to pull away without noticing him. Barry sprinted after it, only to run straight past it as if it had been standing still. He decided to sit down and recollect his thoughts at a diner. A passing waitress accidentally spilled the items of her tray onto Barry, who amazingly caught them all in mid-air and returns them to the tray.

The next day, Barry saved Iris from a stray bullet. There was no question about it: The Flash Deciding to use his powers to help humanity, Barry designed a special costume.

He used a special cold cast polyester he developed in college, which could be molded into miniature outfits from liquid material, that, when submerged in a special liquid, became sensitive to hydrogen, expanding on contact with the hydrogen in the air.

A charge from a battery-powered ring he wore on his finger caused the fabric to release the extra hydrogen and shrink into the ring. He later revised the process, making the fabric sensitive to nitrogen instead. He called himself the Flash, a tribute to his childhood idol He briefly considered wearing a costume that would show his face, like Jay had, but decided that it would be best to wear a mask to conceal his true identity.

Justice League Main article: Later still, he discovered that Jay Garrick was real, and became friends with him as well. The Flash explained the events of what had happened, causing Wally to wish out loud that something like that would happen to him.

As Kid Flash, Wally wore this costume for many years until he outgrew his teenage appellation and became the new Flash, exchanging it for the outfit originally worn by Barry. Marriage Eventually, Barry proposed to Iris on a Ferris wheel at the fair.

She accepted, and they were married, in spite of the efforts of Professor Zoom , who attempted to foil the ceremony. Barry hid his identity from Iris for a year, although she had known the entire time because he had spoken in his sleep on their honeymoon. He was worried that the accident had made him less human and that they would not be able to have children.

However, after performing many tests that first year, he determined that they still could, and he revealed his secret. Barry chased him into the timestream and left him there.

Trial of the Flash Barry met and began to date another woman, Fiona Webb. However, on the day they were supposed to be married, Zoom showed up again, claiming that he would once again kill the wife of the Flash. Barry chased him across the world and failed to show up for his own wedding. In the end, Zoom was about to kill Fiona, but Barry unwittingly killed him. The Flash was charged with manslaughter and had to face a long trial. He went to Gorilla City to have his face repaired.

Since Barry Allen had supposedly been missing, he decided to have it reconstructed into a completely new face, so that he could keep his secret identity dead. Retirement Later, Barry was brought to the 30th century , where Iris was from and had been reborn. Iris would later have twins, Don and Dawn Allen. Barry made a stop in time during his trip to the future and met up with Wally West in a battle against Professor Zoom.

There were two Zooms at the time and they each took one. Barry fared much better than Wally and sent his Zoom through the timestream. It is unclear what happened to him, but he does end up in the 30th century. The 30th Century was beginning to fall apart: Flash returned to the 20th century to warn his fellow heroes. Just as he started to warn Batman , he was pulled into the Antimatter Universe by the Anti-Monitor , where he was mentally tortured by the Psycho-Pirate.

He ran so incredibly fast that he entered the Speed Force forever. He has been shown to transform into electricity as he goes back in time, eventually becoming the lightning bolt that first struck him and gave him his powers. Barry is shown to have joined the ranks of legendary speedster heroes throughout time in death. He was also the one who decided to do so, not wanting an instance like when Professor Zoom killed Iris to happen again.

Bart again reappears to combat Superboy-Prime once more. After Superboy-Prime escapes, Barry suggests that someone of the still living speedsters has to absorb the whole Speed Force and cross the dimensional bridge back to Post-Crisis Earth.

As Bart volunteers, Barry gives him his suit as a last gift, to keep the Force contained, and stays behind. Final Crisis Main article: He has been seen chasing the bullet fired backward through time that killed Orion , and being chased by the Black Racer and what appears to be the Morticoccus Virus.

Barry and Wally accelerate one month into the future, only to find that Darkseid has conquered the world. Once Jay was there, Barry explained his plan: Although Barry wanted to go alone, Wally insisted on going with him, and Barry relented, asking Jay to keep Iris safe.

Aware of the threat the speedsters posed, Darkseid fired his Omega Beams through his Anti-Life slaves, but the two Flashes managed to outrace them. Rebirth Shortly afterward, although his family and friends were overjoyed that he was back, Barry himself was uneasy, as he was unable to explain how he alone escaped the Speed Force, while others such as Max Mercury and Johnny Quick were still trapped inside.

Deciding not to waste this second chance, Barry went to the Flash Museum to catch up on what he had missed. While there, he met up with his old friend, Hal Jordan, who had also died and returned.

Barry discussed his unease over his return with Hal, and how he felt that he did not need to come back. While running, a rogue speedster Wally had encountered named Savitar somehow escaped the Speed Force through Barry. After that Barry became the new Black Flash. Max attempts to tell Allen that his becoming the Black Flash is not his fault, and when Max and Barry are pulled into another pocket of the Speed Force, the real culprit reveals himself: Afterward, Zoom transformed himself into "a new kind of speedster and created his negative Speed Force to contaminate Barry and the other heroic speedsters.

Before Barry can fight any further, Zoom fades away. Barry unknowingly did the same throughout his career to create the normal Speed Force. Meanwhile, Wally manages to reach Barry and Max, and the three begin their escape. Doing so, they reach Thawne, becoming the lightning bolt that turns Barry into the Flash as they are able to stop Zoom from killing Iris. As the two Flashes push Zoom back through time to the present, the two Flashes see that the Justice League, the Justice Society, and the Outsiders have built a device specifically for Thawne.

Barry tosses him in and activates the device, severing his connection to the negative Speed Force. The Flashes tie Zoom up to stop him from running. With the threat ended, everyone celebrates by welcoming Barry back and the speedsters in general. Barry spends some time with Iris before racing to Washington to celebrate his return to the Justice League, apologizing for being late. Hal sums it up by telling Barry, "I died a sinner. You died a saint. As they leave the cemetery, Barry expresses hope that their dead comrades will be returned to them.

Barry decides to go to Gorilla City to seek aid from its ruler Solovar , unaware the gorilla leader had been killed years before. Finding the city attacked, Barry assumed Grodd had struck only to be horrified to learn Solovar was now a Black Lantern. Their fight was shortened by Barry racing to Coast City. However, Nekron reveals however that all the resurrected heroes are tied to him because he allowed them to rise again. And as such, they belong to him. Nekron then used a series of black rings to turn Superman, Green Arrow, Bart and several other resurrected heroes into Black Lanterns.

Blue Lantern Flash Barry himself soon finds himself being targeted by a black ring and is forced to flee or risk joining the others as Black Lanterns. During the battle, Barry is forced to fight his own grandson, who his ring detects is still alive but would eventually die if not free from the black ring soon. Wally and Walker later join Barry to fight against them.

The pair goes to the Shade , who then reveals that he helped Ollie track down Prometheus and that he killed the villain in cold blood. After confronting Ollie with this knowledge, he flees through use of a transportation key that Prometheus had used to escape during a previous encounter with the JLA.

Barry then vows that he and the League have to track down Ollie before he kills again.

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