Best dating place in klang

Expand your horizons, get out, and get active with your darling. Sharing new life experiences will bring you closer together, get you healthier, and pump some spice back into your love life. These fun activities will get you off the couch without putting too much or any! You use a GPS-enabled device like your phone to search for specific GPS coordinates which contain hidden treasures called a geocache.

The geocache is usually a container with a logbook so you can see who else before you has found it. What makes it even more fun are Trackables which you can sometimes find in the geocache. These are small trinkets or keychains with a tracking code. The tracking code will tell you how far this Trackable has travelled and you can log your find and take it to another geocache with you. Think of it as a world-travelling keychain, transported by a secret legion of geocachers. Get a free account on Geocaching.

Publika offers free bike rental, so get there early and queue up for a free minute ride on a tandem or regular bike. Riding a tandem is all about working together to control the bike, and you need to communicate effectively in order for that to happen. It also helps to build trust between one another as the person in the back surrender the steering of the bike to the captain person in the front.

Break out your moves on a Salsa Night Credits: No worries, SalsaJay offers free trial classes every Thursday and Saturday, so you can learn the moves and share the learning experience together. In salsa, eye contact is super important, as is constantly twirling your partner around, which brings you closer to each other as you surrender to the music.

And who better to do it with than your other half? Go for a hike Credits: Find more trails on this website. Finishing a hike and being rewarded with a fantastic view is a great feeling, and being able to share that sense of achievement and amazing view with the person you love will definitely bring you closer. Below RM10 per person 6. See the botanical gardens by bike Credits: You can also check out the free guided walk on Sundays from 8am to 10am, where an experienced guide will take you around the garden.

There are loads of trails here but we recommend getting on the trail to the canopy walk so you can enjoy an amazing view of the city while standing amidst the majestic tree tops. The canopy walkway is opened from 9. Bring along your swimsuits, so you can cool down at one of the waterfalls in the forest reserve. Jump in a kayak at the Putr ajaya Wetlands Credits: For RM8 per hour on weekdays, RM8 per 30mins on weekends , both of you can hop on a kayak and spend the day paddling away on the lake.

Each person is in charge of his or her half of the boat, so when the couple argues, the boat will rock as the argument gets worse. Put your relationship to the test by getting on a kayak together while also burning some calories. RM20 or below per person 9. While the layout is pretty simple, each of the obstacles come with different difficulty levels and can be good fun.

Besides adding an element of healthy competition to the relationship, having a round at Mini Putt will also add bags of endorphin-boosting laughter to your date. RM17 onwards per person, depending on the day. Share your favourite spots in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Top Things to Do in Klang, Selangor: See TripAdvisor's 3, traveller reviews and photos of 37 things to do when in Klang. 4 Romantic spots in KL to hang out with your beau. Angela Goh Friday, June 10, Running out of ideas for dating spots in bustling Kuala Lumpur? you canít pick a better place .

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