5sos dating same girl

The band was there, along with some of our families. He planted a kiss at my temple and let me mingle with everyone as they all wished me a happy birthday. It was all fun and good for a while, but I was more excited for the after party. Calum and I had always had great sex but lately it was…less than exciting. I think we just got so used to each other that there were no more surprises. It was good, great even. My head was a little dizzy, and my body felt invincible.

But there was another feeling inside of me, only a feeling Calum would be able to tame. I excused myself from the party, rushing outside and let the cool air hit me, hoping it would calm my dizzying head and fluttering heart. I followed, closing in on him when I saw him with another girl, his hand on her shoulder as she nodded her head, apparently agreeing to something.

Calum soon caught up to me, turning me by the shoulder to face him. I folded my arms tightly across my chest, not even knowing what to think. Who was that girl? I was more concerned as to why Calum had spent half of my party with her. Mostly everyone worth spending time with had left the party by now, the only people that remained were the guys in the band and my parents. Even they were caught lingering, coats in hands, edging to the door. I suspected it had something to do with sex, he only had that hooded dark eyes look when he was horny.

We drove home in near silence, only the sound of the radio playing low in the background. The pads of his fingers were rough against my soft skin while he slipped my panties to the side, rubbing the length of my slit. I sucked in a long breath between my teeth. Calum glanced over once as I squeezed onto leather seat.

I spread my legs wider, giving Calum more access to me. I felt a heat begin in the pit of my stomach, and I knew he was going to send me over the edge if he kept going at this rate. My breath came out in small gasps, but we were almost home, so I reluctantly pulled his hand from underneath my dress.

If that was even possible at this point. It was enough of a getaway whenever he had the smallest smidgen of time off.

Not that he had much lately. I was thankful he had my birthday off so we could celebrate appropriately. I noticed a car parked across the street from the house. What did he possibly have planned? I shook my head and got out of the car, walking slowly up the sidewalk to the front door, my cold fingers fumbling with the lock of the door.

When I finally got inside I shed my coat, walking to our bedroom to change out of my dress, heels, and my now soaked panties. I had gotten something for myself in preparation for tonight; a satin black slip with lace sides. I put it on, sans panties, and pulled a fluffy robe on over it for the sake of our guest. I left the bedroom, following the sounds of him talking lowly to someone.

I was shocked to see the same girl from the party in our living room. She was in the same dress as at the party. She grinned at me, giving a small wave. About you wanting to do something with another girl? About our fantasies and whatnot? Last week, after a full bottle of wine, Calum and I had confessed our greatest fantasies to each other. He knew I was bisexual, I had been since I was a young teenager.

On our last glass, I had confessed to Calum that my number one fantasy would be to have a threesome…with a girl. As friends and whatnot? Happy Birthday, my love. Calum immediately went to the buttons of his shirt, unfastening them with a feverish impatient pace. He tossed the white shirt to the floor, giving me full access to his toned tan chest. I traced my fingertips against his tattoos, his muscles constricting under my touch. My fingers tiptoed down his abs slowly, his body twitching with each move I made.

His breath was heavy, I could feel it against the side of my face. His eyes were dark, lips; pink and plump. Calum edged my robe off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. The coolness of the room hit me hard, my nipples peaking under the thin satin. Calum captured me in a carnal kiss, his hands lifting the hem of my slip, grazing over my ass. I reached between us for the belt of his jeans, unbuckling and pulling them down with expertise.

It had taken nearly six months into our relationship for me to get around the whole skinny jeans dilemma. Calum stepped from his jeans, kicking them to the side and lead me to the bed, resting me me onto my back. Your pussy is the only one I need. The girl closed in on the mattress and I could tell she was nervous. She was beautiful, with tan skin, long brown hair and gorgeous curves to boot.

She shimmied out of her dress, leaving her in just a red bra and matching panties. I beckoned her over with my index finger. Her fingertips trailed my side as I rolled onto my back, letting her crawl on top of me. Calum held his lower lip between his teeth as she kissed me. It was my first experience with a woman. It was so much different from kissing Cal. She was gentle and soft.

It was more sensual, gentle. Her lips moved against mine slowly, her tongue slipping between my lips to explore mine. My fingers entwined with her hair while our lips moved in sync. I hooked my leg at her waist, grinding my hips against hers. I moaned softly into her mouth as she bit down hard on my lower lip. Her lips left mine, kissing down my neck and leaving a wet trail down my neck. Her mouth left my skin as she slid down the bed, parting my legs enough for her to fit between them.

I looked to Calum and he nodded, giving her permission to touch me in a place previously only explored by him. She inched the satin up my hips, the cool air hitting my heated core. My breath caught in my throat when I felt her tongue lick my wet folds, her mouth popping as released my clit from between her red lips.

My hips bucked up, and Calum placed a steady hand on my lower stomach to keep me down. I threaded my fingers through his hair. Each time I arched my back, Calum brought me back down, only giving me greater pleasure. I moaned into his mouth, reaching down his chest and stomach, palming his erection over his tight boxers. The girl slipped in a finger while her tongue continued on my folds. It was almost too much to take at once. With her working my lower half and Calum kneading my breasts with his hands.

I felt like I was going to explode at any moment. He rolled away from me onto his side, his hand darting underneath the waistband of his boxers. I watched his head roll back as he pleasured himself to the sight of me getting ravished.

My hands rested on my breasts as I squeezed them, moaning and kneading myself as I felt my orgasm approach. The heat started spreading through my body, starting at my core and reaching the tips of my fingers and toes. I shuttered as my orgasm washed through me, spewing swears and moans as she continued to finger me through my high. I want you in me, now! I tugged his boxers down, his dick slapping against his stomach. He was so fucking hard. I rubbed myself along his length.

He let out a guttural moan, digging his fingers into my hips as I tantalized him. I raised up slowly as Calum aligned himself with my entrance, teasing my folds with his tip before I dropped down onto him. He pulled up the hem of my slip, watching as he slid in and out of me. The girl took over for him, pulling the satin and lace over my head so I was completely naked bouncing on top of Calum.

He guided me roughly up and down on his dick, filling me completely, my walls struggling to adjust to his size.

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