Mackie 1604 vlz pro hook up guide

These pages were built 21cm wide 8. Since , we ve been including these helpful connection maps in our In Your Face product guides, and we ve been urged to continue doing so because they re so gosh-darned helpful. Now, we ve split our hook-ups into product famlies, and made them available to you over this new-fangled Internet thingy that everyone is talking about these days.

Inside you ll find lots of useful information most likely your questions will be answered here. We realize that there s no possible way to cover every single question or application in so few pages because new ways to use Mackie products are invented every day. You may come up with some ideas on how to do what you want by looking at the various diagrams we ve included here. Keep in mind that a good half of the battle in hooking up our products is having the proper connections.

Check the cables n plugs that you already have with the diagrams on the next page. We know it may look boring, but one of these drawings could save your life. Well, maybe not your life, but probably a lot of weeping and sorrow. These folks have tons of experience in the real world, and they ve got lots of equipment and mixers at their beck and call.

They re aching to share their knowledge with you. And calling them would be a very humanitarian thing to do they re located in the dank sub-basement of our building and they rarely get visitors. Your call just may be the one that keeps their spirits alive.

Call Mackie Tech Support toll-free in the U. Put them through the wringer! Copyright Mackie Designs Inc. The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mackie Designs Inc.: Standard XLR microphone connector to be used with mic-level.

Insert Y Cable The Y Cable is used for connecting serial effects devices, such as graphic equalizers or compressors, to a Mackie mixer s Channel or Bus insert jacks. On one end is a standard Tip-Ring-Sleeve stereo plug. Its tip and ring are wired to separate mono Tip-Sleeve plugs.

See C in Insert Points below. Partial insertion allows you to tap out of the channel or bus circuit at that point in the circuit without interrupting normal operation. See D in Insert Points above. Do not overload or short-circuit the signal you are tapping from the mixer. That will affect the internal signal of the mixer. Direct out with no signal interruption to master.

Insert only to first click. TS Plug mono Direct out with signal interruption to master. Insert all the way in to the second click. TRS Plug stereo For use as an effects loop. These hookups utilize the Insert "Y" Cable explained on the facing page. The two colors represent the input and output traveling the length of the "Y" cable. The dotted line represents the two signals travelling alongside one another.

SR VLZ Pro Hook-Up Guide; 32x4 VLZ Pro Tech Specs; SRM Tech Specs; CFX Series Data Sheet ; CFX Series Data Sheet ; HR Data Sheet ; HR Data Sheet ; SPC Specification Sheet ; Mackie VLZ3 Specs Sheet ; Mackie VLZ3 User Manual ; Mackie HD User Manual ; Mackie VLZ-3 Specs Sheet ;. My Mackie If you think there is a problem, need to contact support, get the latest updates, or manage your licenses, you'll want to Register your .

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