Dating among the elderly

Or the pharmaceutical companies are doing an absolutely marvelous job. That would be politically incorrect gift-giving. Watch them in action. Dating and the Elderly? Yes, these are issues that still hold some importance for the elderly because many of them unfortunately have not saved enough and are wondering if there are any catch-up strategies they can use to beef up their nest egg. Or else, some of them did save enough but the escalating costs of health care are eating away at their resources.

Most of them fear that they will outlive their money. Hello, little miss cup cake… Some of them are asking what buzzwords they should be using to ask someone out on a date. And is it really necessary to tell miss cup cake my real age — a minor detail they agonize over.

Those lamb shanks and that glass of wine would be more flavorful when shared with someone. We think that might have come from Helena Rubinstein herself. But first…they got to find a date. Dating and the Elderly Dating Services: Seek and You Shall Find If you were surfing a decade ago for sites dedicated exclusively to seniors, you would be hard pressed to find half a dozen. But their menus consisted of health care, insurance, travel, financial planning and nutrition issues.

Nothing on dating and topics like…go ahead and chuckle…safe sex. What we have today is a ballgame of a different genre. The search engines are not limping or dragging their feet when it comes to the senior niche.

There are members from Britain, Germany, Netherlands and other countries. Signing up is free. After you register, you need to complete your profile. As a senior, however, you need more than three days to investigate. Seriously… We looked at a third site, appropriately calling itself the thirdage.

Are the tables turning? But dating and the elderly are big business. To break the cycle of a solitary existence, simply seek and you shall find.

When we think of romance and love relationships, we often are not thinking about the elderly population. Part of this is our own bias and ageism and part of it is a belief that there are too many obstacles to elderly romance. While there are some barriers to romantic relationships among the elderly and even some potential dangers, for the . Resource for dating advice. Includes places to date, how to date online, dating after 50, and matchmaking.

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