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A real downer record. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour and then a slow slide into decay. My friend was a stewardess for an airline company at the time and picked up one of the albums before they were either removed from the shelves, sold out or both.

I saw the album and it strikes me as odd that no one ever mentions this piece of information. We all know that Europe, and that includes England is more comfortable with nudity than the US. And I doubt that will ever change. I maybe dating myself but has anyone else seen this particular cover?

The original picture was removed. The other Beatles didnt appear on the cover. Reply Wingwiper Sunday 21 December I remember it as I bought it here in the states and I think only about 10, copies were released before the U.

Do you have any links for this? Sometimes it could be weeks even months before you could get a new album. So long that bands could independently import a new Beatles album, learn the songs, and incorporate them into there live shows before the official release. My cousin worked in a record shop in Sydney that received several boxes of the original White Album with original art work. By the time the shop received them by boat from England they had already been withdrawn from UK shops.

Consequently my cousin was instructed to throw them out. Instead he took them home and put them in the garden shed. They only surfaced after he died last year. Does anyone else know of this second Ringo image? Caroline Thursday 25 June Yes! I was a young teen in Ohio when the White Album came out. There was an underground newspaper that published a nude photo of the Fab Four. It said this was the cover they wanted, but that it had been censored. The article stated that some of these albums were distributed, then quickly taken from the shelves.

It was decided to leave the cover blank; thus calling it the White Album. I have never heard of this story corroborated anywhere until now!

The photo I saw was just of the boys, not including Yoko. I remember it quite clearly, because I had never before seen a naked man! The reason for the white cover is because it was in stark contrast to the cover of their previous album. Maybe a Bootleg cover? But it DOES have the greatest side of an album that a band ever recorded obviously side two. Reply Mick Sunday 24 September Yeah.

Bir still a fine album. But I would still leave 18 tunes on there. The point of this album was to be loose and genuine while sgt. Peppers had amazing production, but most of the compositions were on the weak side. Joseph Brush Sunday 4 April Slide into decay? There are numerous excellent songs on the White Album. It is different than the previous albums which was the main quality of the Beatles. The white album is so flamboyant, from the cover to the energy, to the hate, to the love, to the length to the revolutions.

It makes the world explode.

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